Background - 'Our Gems WA'

formerly known as the Goldfields Esperance Arts and Culture Trail

The Goldfields Esperance Region has a diverse and rich array of arts and culture offerings and we want everyone to know about them.

Back in 2013 Artgold’s Chairperson, local business owner (at the time) and GTNA committee member, advocated for the development of the Goldfields Esperance Arts and Culture Trail. She regularly travelled throughout the region and saw the potential for linking networks or arts and culture businesses and attractions and events to enhance the visitor experiences.

In 2014 the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission commissioned a research project to determine the scope and viability of the trail. In 2015 Tracker Development released The Tail Report and a number of recommendations were made to support the Goldfields Esperance Arts and Culture Trail.  

Artgold adopted accountability for ensuring the delivery of the KPI’s outlined in the Goldfields Esperance Arts and Culture Framework 2016 – 2021. A key component of the framework is the creation of a network across the region referred to as the Central Coordinal Hub. The core role of the Trail Project Manager involves creating a regional network by connecting up all the arts and culture enterprises and experiences.

The GEDC approached Artgold in mid-2016 to develop and implement the Trail. The Board identified the clear synergies and the opportunity to develop a more strategic role in growing the creative industries across the region.

  • Although the proposed design and delivery of the trail has changed over time, the primary purpose still remains.
  • Identify and aggregate the arts and cultural sites from around the Goldfields-Esperance region.
  • Promote and market these destinations in ways that individual people/organisations cannot.
  • Complement and extend the existing marketing of visitor experiences and tourism services operating in the region.
  • Attract visitors and encourage longer visits to and within the region.
  • Contribute to better professional networks in the arts and culture sector.
  • Support the development of the sector, for individuals and groups/organisations.

Since the concept was first explored in 2014-2015, Artgold Inc adopted the project which aligns with their strategic focus and objectives. As a locally based organisation, which serves to promote and cultivate arts, culture and events within the region, they are uniquely positioned to develop and deliver the arts and culture trail.

In 2017, Artgold developed the Project Plan which saw the project evolve from a physical trail to an interactive virtual experience - incorporating a website and fully integrated phone app. This will allow both locals and visitors to research, discover and experience the arts and cultural gems of the region which are often hidden and undiscovered.

Artgold successfully secured funding for the project from Royalties for Regions, the State Government and Lotterywest in 2017 and 2018.

So here we are in 2019. We have a Project Manager, we have funding and we have a plan. Let’s all work together to bring this amazing project that will benefit our whole region, to life.

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