Monday Knights

Games Night

Monday Knights Kalgoorlie is a group that aims to reach out to all individuals in the goldfields community with a common interest; tabletop games!

Board games, Wargames, Trading card games, Roleplaying games, you name it. We are aware that there is many groups out there that all play MTG, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, D&D and many other popular gaming systems, and this is a way for us to meet new people and expand all of our gaming circles! Come on down and socialize, play other people at your particular game of choice, or try out something new.

As the name implies, it's every Monday night at the Boulder lawn Bowls club from 5:30pm til late with $5 entry towards venue hire, First visit is always FREE.

We look forward to seeing you next Monday! Memberships Cost $50 and go for the financial year. Members don't have to pay the $5 a night AND they get 10% off at Hobbyworld Kalgoorlie and %5 off at Tactics in Perth

Contacts: Rory Radei- Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions

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