Mr Jim and Drippy the Dragon

Goldfields Arts Centre

Mr Jim and Drippy the Dragon Show

We absolutely guarantee that you will all be giggling as Mr. Jim brings to life the most lovable little puppet ratbag you have ever seen. This show has all the wonderful entertainment of a Disney movie with family comedy and a totally lovable star. You will get that warm glow in your cheeks as you find yourself singing along to “If your happy and you know it put your fingers in your ears” or giggling as Drippy tricks Mr. Jim with “Say red….. You’re a tomato head”. You might even be one of those who give a sad little ooooooooh as Drippy gets in trouble for trying to steal the dragon snacks. Whichever parts you love the best you will certainly want to see it all again.

Mr Jim will entertain the kids over the School Holidays with 3 Dippy the Dragon Shows on Wednesday 20th January.

We have an hour of pre-show fun organised before the show, starting which includes making your very own dragon sock puppet, so make sure you head down early.


Wednesday 20th January, 2016


9.00am - Dragon Sock Puppet workshop / 10.00am Show
1.00pm - Dragon Sock Puppet workshop / 2.00pm Show
5.00pm - Dragon Sock Puppet workshop
 / 6.00pm Show


$10.00 Under 12yrs
$5.00 Adult

Each show goes for 45 minutes and will be held in the Function Room

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